Please fill out the form below to submit your song. Please note that we will only accept 3 submissions per songwriter. If you submit more, only the first 3 submitted will be judged. 

Songs are judged by a panel of community members based on how well the songwriter demonstrates a high quality performance, dynamic songwriting, and compelling melodic & lyrical ideas. 

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Please upload your song to bandcamp, soundcloud, dropbox, google drive, etc. and past the link below. Please make sure the files are downloadable.
Songwriters are invited to perform their song with the orchestra during the shows, but it is not required.


Small Town Big Sound is a celebration of community and songwriting, where 15 songs are sourced from the community and then arranged for the Uncle Dad Orchestra. The show will be performed for the fourth consecutive year at the Sierra Nevada Big Room on Thursday September 8th, and this time will also have a touring component. (Additional dates will be released in late spring.)

This year, the Uncle Dad Orchestra will feature 20 musicians - including a 12 piece chamber string ensemble made up of some of the best players from the North State Symphony as well as the community at large - in order to create a world-class performance here in our small town.

Questions about  the submission process or criteria? Please email . We want to hear from you!